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In 2022, fashion journalists worldwide describe a remarkable trend: the "Samba," a sports shoe from the house of adidas, is the hit of the season…again. In fact, it never left.

This "Samba" has now been around for over 70 years. And ever since it has been on the market, buyers have loved it. For adidas, it has been - next to the "Stan Smith" – their bestseller. In "Schweizer Illustrierte," Denise Kühn raves: "Subtle nonchalance, with which even a casual dress can easily be worn in everyday life. And that's exactly what the Sambas are all about: whether slacks, skirt, shorts or even a dress, they lend the outfit a casual coolness that also scores unerringly off the pitch..."

Adi Dassler has really created a phenomenon here!


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Adi Dassler perseveres again. In a year's time, the entrepreneur turns 50. He and his wife Käthe have fallen on hard times. They steadied their athletic shoe factory through the Second World War. Käthe unfailingly accompanied her husband through a denazification process which ended in relief when it was unequivocally proven to the Americans that Adi did not partake in the horrors of the Nazi party but was merely associated with them through minimal, and unavoidable contact. Käthe was Adi’s rock when he and his brother Rudolf ended their business partnership in their shared shoe factory. Resulting in the creation of the two companies adidas and Puma in Herzogenaurach Germany. Now, Adi lives unabatedly for his company and his visions. He has so many projects and ideas whirling around in his mind, at the center of each thought are always the athletes, and their need for shoes…the best shoes.

In one year, the World Cup will take place in Brazil. The German national team will not be playing for the title in 1950 - but Adi Dassler doesn’t want to be sidelined. So, he develops a sports shoe, inspired by the carnival in Rio.
He names the shoe "Samba.”

The first models still look a bit like hiking boots, but the idea is bold. The products are designed for sports on hard and slippery surfaces. A rubber sole bites into the ice-covered sports field, toes and Achilles tendon are strengthened and protected. The first version of the "Samba" is made of black leather, soon the caps are made of suede, and the three stripes are white leather.

In the meantime, Adi tinkers on, determined to optimize the model. Adi Dassler does not let yesterday's successes stand in the way of continuing work and strive for perfection:

"I always feel that those who come after me are not delighted when I try something new. That the top is easier to gain than to maintain is an old saying for us, since we have the top."

Every year, the boss overwhelms his developers with new ideas, questions, reminders, and praise:

"Our half-studs profile is the best we've launched in three years, according to test people. I attribute this to the fact that with this tread, when the ground is frozen and even when there is a lot of snow, there is not the slightest residue between the studs because they are lined up and the semi-circular shape prevents dirt and snow clumps from collecting..."

"Does the shoe come with a nylon insert? Because of the rolling motion and the soft insole, the samba doesn't go back to its original position and thus shortens in length..."

"The street shoe industry has often taken what we need in soles, so it is only with our own initiative and development that we will get the right sole profiles for us. Consideration should be given to having the boot mold tested for the Samba. Snow!"

Through Adi’s work and refinements, the shoe becomes lighter and more elegant. Soccer players remain loyal to it. Handball players can no longer do without it, Bob Marley is often seen in his Sambas. Students love them - those who wear the "Samba" to sports lessons belong to the upper class.

So Adi Dassler once again hits the mark:

The "Samba" becomes a beloved street shoe to all.

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Model Natalia Verza wears adidas Samba

In the 1990s, young people were keen on the sneakers with the brown sole. Britpop fans must have at least one pair in their shoe closet. Everyone put on "Samba," from Kate Moss to the Gallagher brothers to Ewan McGregor - he wore them in the 1996 film "Trainspotting". And the hype has no end. Adidas cooperates with fashion houses such as Gucci or collections by fashion designer Wales Bonner.

Even the renowned "Elle" magazine does not like to do without the "Samba". Recently, the fashion magazine formulated an etiquette for the shoe that Adi Dassler invented 73 years ago:

1. Adidas Samba summer outfits with socks.

The Adidas Samba is perfect for a summer look. Either skirt, dress or linen pants can be worn with it. With cute tennis socks and accessories this outfit gets that certain something.

2. Adidas samba for a baggy look

The shoe trend 2022 can also be ideally combined with the trendy baggy look. A pair of wide low-waist pants, a small crop top and a plain bag provide the right coolness. In order not to become too sporty, pretty jewelry can also be worn with it.

3. Adidas Samba for business chic

For those who like it a little fancier: No problem! The Adidas Samba can also be worn All Black and All White with cloth pants and shirt. Add a thin jacket or blazer when it gets cooler again in the evening. Ready is the casual business look!