“A bad idea is always better than none at all. Only by trying can the wrong become right.”

“It is essential that every firm that produces shoes for us, receives detailed instructions for every model and its use.”

“Never be satisfied with your accomplishments; always continue to learn.”


“He who is against new developments or the testing of new things, should not hinder those who are willing.”

“Trust is good, verification is better!”

“Be creative, work independently and take responsibility for your work!”

“All employees should feel as if they are members of the adidas family.”

“Our product people have to have specific sport insights in order to understand why a product should be made in a particular way.”

“I am driven to streamline every work process to the greatest extent possible.”

“Our shoes must always be recognizable as adidas shoes.”

“Quality brought adidas to the top and only quality guarantees our success.”

“Everyone who assembles or develops shoes shall wear and sample his product, then more shoes will fit properly.”

“Come to work every day as if it were the first time. This will prevent you from being blinded by routine.”

“A premier shoe like our Diamond model, which only constitutes 5% of production, can and will influence the remaining 95% of the football shoe construction.”

“Test, test and test again.”

“Learn from old, worn shoes and customer returns.”

“If you want a job done well, you must then create the right conditions for it.”

“Function, fit, weight and appearance determine the quality that constitutes an adidas product.”

“Innovate - don’t imitate.”

“Think outside the box, only then will new ideas come to you.”

“Work in a manner that brings you pride in the result.”