The Foundation’s archive contains numerous documents, handwritten notes, photographs and objects from the lives of Adi and Käthe Dassler and their next of kin. These documents illustrate Dassler family relationships and the history of the company’s origins.

Due to the intimate nature of the documents, the archive remains private and not public. However, if there is a demonstrable, valid interest, researchers may be granted access to parts of the archive.

Application for access to the archive

Please send us your application by email or postal services (see contact). In addition to details about you and your organization, the application should explain why you request access to the archive. The Foundation will examine each application and respond within four weeks.

Scientific information about the archive

The archive is organized and sequenced according to the origin principle. Historian and archivist Iris Blum developed the archive’s template in close collaboration with Sigrid Dassler, Adi Dassler’s daughter, and Helga Lang, Adi Dassler’s former secretary, following the ISAD(G) norms (International Standards of Archival Description, General). In the process, metal fasteners were removed from the documents, they were inserted into acid free preservative materials and indexed with a catalog number. The extensive material was digitized with a document scanner and archiving software, allowing the preservation of the originals and enabling the capability to perform computerized, full text search of typewritten documents. Numerous handwritten notes were transcribed and also entered into the searchable database.

The inventory of monochrome and color photographs was digitized using a high resolution scanner, cataloged, and added to the searchable database. Whenever possible, the persons in each picture were identified and the photograph assigned to an event in time.

Adi Mit Schuhen Vor Bus

People involved in the archive

Sigrid Dassler

is the initiator and driving force of this project. Thanks to her tireless energy a disorganized pile of documents and pictures was turned into a clearly structured archive after a few years of work. She thus fulfilled her desire to keep these documents and pieces of information for posterity. With this archive, she hopes to have contributed to her parents’ lifework and to more truthful reporting in the press and on the internet.

Mischa Szeker

is the Foundation’s archivist and, together with Sigrid Dassler, handles the gathering, digitization, maintenance and management of the collected memorabilia.

Detlef Vetten

The former head of sports at Stern and award-winning reporter writes for the foundation. Vetten has repeatedly dealt with the lives of Käthe and Adi Dasssler. His last major portrait from the year 2020 is titled "Dream Team".

Helga Lang

was Adi Dassler’s secretary of many years and was the most important contemporary witness for this project. Her knowledge and recollections were of immense help in structuring and processing the documents.

Iris Blum (lic. phil. I)

is an independent historian and archivist. Together with Helga Lang and Sigrid Dassler, she developed the archive’s catalog. Thanks to her calm ways, her scientific approach, and her vast experience, she greatly contributed the success of this project.